The Parochet that Laya designed for our shul is an amazing work of art. Laya’s knowledge of Jewish tradition, the Land of Israel and her talent are beautifully expressed in this work. It is stunning focal point of our sanctuary, admired by all who pray with us. The layers of meaning within each individual section and the piece as a whole inspires greater “kavannah” in those who pray with us.

Sholom Eisenstat,  Executive Director,  

Mizrachi Bayit Congregation,  Toronto, Canada

Laya has had a wonderfully creative relationship with our synagogue illuminating our Sefer HaHaftarot, Her warm and engaging personality was instrumental in helping to get so many of our congregants to participate. Members and visitors to the synagogue continue to be impressed with the beautiful illuminations Laya has created for more than 80 Haftarot, which are displayed each week in the synagogue. 

 Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Laya on this project, and we hope to find additional ways, educational and promotional, to work together to expose the larger community, both Jewish and non-Jewish, to this unique endeavour.

Michael Rubin,   Ritual Director,                                                                              Beth David B’nai Israel Beth Am Synagogue,  Toronto, Canada                                                                 

Since 1986 my husband and I have asked Laya to create a naming piece for each of our grandchildren. We have one wall dedicated to these pieces of art.  It is a central meeting point whenever we have family get togethers. The older children find their pieces and point out the special meanings to the younger children.

Laya's precision, attention to detail, and obvious love of what she does makes each work of art something special to be treasured. We now have 13 grandchildren and look forward to continuing this tradition for many years and many more grandchildren!

Gloria and Rabbi Israel S.,  Hamilton, Ontario


Thank you so much. We just got the ketubah,the pen, and the card. It's all so beautiful!   We are so happy with it, and couldn't have imagined a more perfect ketubah for us.   We are so thrilled and will be happy to recommend you to all our friends.

Sasha and Brad,   Calgary, Alberta

We absolutely, 100%, completely, love the ketubah. The colour, the mood, the emotion really captured what we were looking for and what we feel. We are both very impressed by your talent and will proudly display the ketubah in our new home. Thank-you so much for all the time and effort you put into your work.  

-Diana and Rob    Toronto, Canada

We love, love, love the ketubah you made for us. Somehow you have expressed our love for each other and our dreams in this exquisite piece. We can't thank-you enough for creating this art piece that we will treasure forever.

Renee and Joel,    New York

Thank-you! Thank-you for taking the time to make this piece for us. Your gorgeous expert work hangs proudly on our wall and we look  carrying it with us for the rest of our lives.. Please come visit us in Brooklyn and see it in its natural habitat!

Avi and Aliza,  New York

h Israel Synagogue,       Toronto, Canada


I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Laya at Limmud Toronto 2016 when she presented Haggadah Messages; Jews and Culture through the Haggadah. She wove art, religious philosophy and history into a seamless story which, along with well chosen images, engaged an overflowing crowd that came to hear her. I am also thrilled whenever she is scheduled to give a talk  at the Toronto Partnership Minyan because I can count on hearing a well researched presentation  with a relevant focus that's delivered with warmth, humor and eloquence.

Barry G.   Toronto, ON

Laya Crust spoke to my Learning Chavurah recently about the artistry of the Haftarah, a presentation called: "The Haftarah- a Quizzical Exploration".What a delightful, interesting and educational presentation. Laya clearly knows her subject matter, loves to present and engaged us in a vibrant discussion. We all learned so much and look forward to learning with Laya again.

Nava J.   Toronto, ON

Adath Israel Synagogue has a regular study group on Tuesday mornings. We have many different types of speakers and Laya fulfills a unique role by introducing a combination of art and Jewish tradition. Her depth of knowledge is fabulous. She keeps our group fascinated and engrossed. It's a pleasure when she presents at our meetings.

Marjorie R.  Adult Education,  Adat


(the presentation piece shown to the right was created  for Mizrachi Canada)

  • On behalf of the Faculty of Social Work, I would like to thank you for the artistic and beautiful award that you painted for our Alumna Rose Wolfe. We will be proud to present this scroll at the convocation honouring Rose Wolfe’s installation as Chancellor of the University of Toronto. We appreciate your generous extra efforts to provide us with this award.


Carol Seidman,  Assistant Dean,  

University of Toronto, Faculty of Social Work,  Toronto, Canada

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